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"It was such a wonderful concert. The full orchestra music was beautiful and the soloist outstanding. I was on the verge of tears throughout, as the sound moved my emotion so deeply. Thank you all for your dedication to the group. It’s a blessing to all of us! "

Linda Delaney

"The concert was excellent.  I enjoyed it very much.  The best part for me, second only to the music itself, is the joy displayed by the orchestra members as they perform.  I look forward to the next show! Play on!!!! "

Pearl Morris

“The orchestra is doing an outstanding job! I am a professional musician and educator and I am very happy to see such enthusiastic playing! Great crowd today!”

Brian Cox


“I love the engagement of all ages and the levels of professionalism coming together to learn and celebrate music in this wonderful setting. What a beautiful enrichment to the cultural experience in our area.” 

Bart Delaney


“The performance exceeded all expectations. Can’t wait for your next concert series.”

Deborah Scanlan


“Wonderful experience. So glad we came. The music was superb. What talent in this group!”

 Kathy Stoer


“The concert was great. I was really impressed with the quality of the music. It was an enjoyable night and I am glad I got the opportunity to attend the event.”

 Gary Costanzo


“Phenomenal performance! Excellent program!  Wonderful musicians playing for the pleasure of making music together.”

Jon Andes

“The music feeds the soul!”

Diane Jefferson


“Makes me not miss Lincoln Center as much as I did until now.” 

Barbara Griswold


“A magnificent addition to DELMARVA life! “

Earl Dotter


“We are wonderfully blessed to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition.” 

Walt Yurek


“So happy to be able to support this wonderful organization. What a great addition to our performing arts in southern Sussex County!”  

Bobbi Griswold


“This was a fantastic concert. I truly enjoyed the variety in selections - from classic to standards. Just wonderful.”  

Denise Tyler


“I attended my first concert for the orchestra on Sunday and it was a wonderful experience. 

I want to support your efforts and hope to keep your organization successful. “

Debbie Quillen

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