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  • Providing a welcoming environment and opportunity for musicians in the Southern Delaware community to learn, play and perform music and enhance the enjoyment, education, musicianship and performance skills of SODELO members.

  • Expanding the SODELO string ensemble into a full Symphony Orchestra where musicians who play winds, brass and percussion will join the string ensemble and widen the repertoire of music that the SODELO can learn, play, and perform.

  • Establishing a home for SODELO to practice and perform on a consistent basis.

  • Contributing to the enhancement of the performing arts offering in the Southern Delaware community through accessible live performances, fostering an appreciation of orchestral music and making music accessible emotionally, intellectually, locally and financially to the community.

  • Inspiring and educating the next generation of local musicians and music lovers by providing opportunities for students to learn about and enjoy listening to and performing orchestral music.

  • Collaborating with other arts and music groups.

  • Towards these purposes, SODELO will prepare rehearsals, concerts and special events, provide educational opportunities, seek and accept funding, enter into contracts,  engage in activities related to its nonprofit mission and objectives, and conduct any and all relevant activities in  which a nonprofit corporation may legally engage in the State of Delaware in accordance with its bylaws.

  • This corporation and the Board are committed to incorporating the values of diversity, equity, and inclusions (“DEI”) in the governance and operations of SODELO.

SODELO’s mission is to support musical excellence, diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and community engagement in Southern Delaware by:

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